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The latest amendment to ISM code came into effect from 1st July 2010. One of the amendments relates to requirement for the company to assess all identical risks & establish safe guards. This is a new auditable requirement which is likely to be verified during audits onboard vessel and ashore in offices.

It can be said that the development and implementation of a documented safety management system is an exercise in risk management. The drafting or amendment of written procedures involves looking at the company’s activities and operations, identifying what could go wrong, and deciding what should be done to prevent it.

Risk assessment is now a proven technology to address larger hazards in a structured manner, and to ensure cost-effective reduction of risks to appropriate levels

The purpose of this training program is to provide the users with knowledge and understanding of Risk Assessment and Risk Management

The idea is to heighten awareness of safety issues and get people to think and talk about job hazards and how they can be controlled.

The module focuses on what you can do in your daily work, to identified the risk involved,and how to can work around them.

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